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Helping people in the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia, Lean2gether came from the personal experience of its founder Patricia Antonini.

After suffering from obesity and the accordion effect since the age of 8, Patricia reached her limit: morbid obesity, metabolic syndrome and bariatric surgery.


Knowing that the number of people who regain weight after surgery is very high and that being well with your body, feeling good and healthy, is a much deeper issue than making a diet to lose weight, Patricia decided to understand and change the way it related to food.

The change was so great and evident that the group of women around her wanted to be part of that new lifestyle: the Lean lifestyle.

Thus, an innovative and definitive health coaching program emerged, with worldwide success.



L2G is a health coaching program that will help you change your mindset to reach your goals, overcoming the obstacles that have always made you fall, give up, and fail.


On Lean you will experience a journey of self-knowledge and, learning more about yourself, you will learn to identify the triggers and limiting beliefs that lead you to self-sabotage, guilt and setback.


With the motivation and expertise of health coaching you regain the strength and self-esteem needed to recognize and overcome obstacles, winning victories that go far beyond weight loss. Through specialized support, you will be able to change habits, find physical and mental balance and create the health and happiness life that you deserve and desire for so long.


Schedule your appointment, from anywhere in the world, and regain control of your life right now.



Lean2gether ensures a healthy weight loss with lasting results. We all know that most shortage diets fail in a short time and so, on Lean, we do not diet, we learn to eat.


We focus on food reeducation and invest in creating a new way of relating to food.


On Lean, members regain control of their lives, learn to face challenging situations, and put health and well-being at the top of their lives.


Here, we eat well, eat everything and play to win!

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