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Ana Raquel


Luciana Horta

We do not get fat from one overnight, but I wanted to sleep fat and wake up thin, but I learned that things do not work out that way. It is a construction in this new life, every day a little, every day learning.

Maria Albuquerque

Today I have a weight I did not have since I'm single, I wear clothes that I do not imagine wearing. And not only that, we gain self-esteem, we gain more will to live, more energy.


I'm 61 years old, married, and have a daughter and a granddaughter. I fight with the balance since the first year of marriage and there goes 41 years. I started with 92kg and now I'm 75kg. Hurray Lean.

Lean2gether is made of people and their stories. No matter your past, your lifestyle: Lean is for you.



I did this diet at a very difficult time for me, at another time I would have sunk into a box of candy. With Lean, just at this difficult time, I lost 15 kg. That's a huge accomplishment, I'm very happy.

I am the mother of two teenage boys and I am going to complete 10 months of Lean and I have lost 33 kg. Lean is not diet, it's food re-education and I've learned to face that challenge like that. I'm learning to relate to food.

I think the great secret of success is learning to have a different relationship with food. We control them instead of controlling us.

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