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Lean emerged with the struggle of its founder Patrícia Antonini with the weight scales. Her personal transformation was so overwhelming that motivated the creation of an exclusive and innovative health coaching program present worldwide.


Lean is an innovative health coaching program, easy and enjoyable to follow. With tasty recipes, valuable tips and group support, it easily adapts to any lifestyle. Without starving or counting calories.


Losing weight quickly and definitely is a wish for everyone who’s currently overweight. On Lean, participants can regain their strength and self-esteem, recognize and overcome sabotaging beliefs and patterns that have led them to lose control and weight gain.


I gained 30 kg in one pregnancy, 20 kg in the other and had never went back to my ideal weight. Today, I wear clothes that I did not imagine wearing.

Maria Albuquerque

After losing 27 kg on Lean, I gained a new life, I gained consciousness, consistency and control of myself.

Luciana Horta

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Lean2gether is for you. Change the way you relate with food and your body. Regain your self-esteem and live the life you deserve.  Start today to tell a new story of success and self-fulfillment.

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